How To Take Proper Care Of Your Hair?

Hair problems are familiar to people of all ages and genders. It can be hair loss, dull hair, dandruff, split ends, gray hair, and the list goes on. To keep your hair healthy and good-looking, use natural products and utilize our tips!

Simple tips on proper hair care

1. Eat healthily. Make sure that you include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, and dairy products to your diet. Drinking much water is also highly recommended.

2. Use natural products. For example:

  • Mix water and apple cider vinegar for shinier hair
  • Use honey to prevent frizzy and tangled hair
  • Use lemon juice to rinse your hair and make it shine
  • If you have dry hair, apply a mixture of two cups of cream and honey on it

3. Use proper hair care products. Make sure that they include rosemary, keratin, seaweed extract, and plant proteins. Use a conditioner to moisturize your hair, give it an extra shield, and make it shine.

4. Utilize a wide-toothed comb. Avoid sharp-tooth combs as they may harm your hair, rub your scalp, and cause split ends.

5. Use minimal heat when drying or styling your hair. Or at least decrease the intensity or frequency of using hairdryers, curling irons, or flat irons.

6. Brush your hair 3-4 times per day. It will stimulate your hair growth, as well as secretion of natural oils and removal of dead scalp tissue.

7. Have your hair trimmed every month. Thus, you will get rid of the dead ends and stimulate your hair growth. Besides, it’ll facilitate your hair styling.

Natural remedies for beautiful hair

For Shiny Hair:

  • Castor oil
  • Warm coconut oil
  • A mixture of 2 spoons castor oil, egg white, and one spoon glycerin
  • Apply any of them on your hair, cover it with a hot towel, and wash your hair after about an hour.

Against Dandruff:

  • Use pure coconut oil to massage your scalp
  • Mix small onions with hot coconut oil and apply for 20 minutes. Remove with another mixture: water drained from boiled rice and green gram powder

Against Greying:

  • Apply this mixture for 45 minutes: mehendi, lemon juice, an egg, and one tablespoon instant coffee powder. Wash it off with a shampoo
  • Take four cups of water and boil one cup of dried gooseberry with a bit of sugar. Keep on boiling until its quantity decreases to one cup. Add lemon juice, two cups of henna, and an egg. Apply onto your hair and wash after 2 hours

For Conditioning:

  • Use henna on a regular basis

Apply these tips to take proper care of your hair and enjoy its shining.


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