How to find inspiration for writing

Sometimes it is hard to write your projects especially if you do not have enough time or inspiration. This article will show the best ways to write better and the ways of how to get inspired.

Tip 1. This group of tips is for those who are searching for getting inspiration just in 10 minutes!

a) listening to music, which can help you relax and motivates you;

b) writing on a sheet of paper, which will stimulate your imagination and will give you new feelings. You may also write everything you are thinking about during ten minutes. It will make your ideas clear, and you will not forget anything.

c) meditation, using green and blue colors. They will allow you to renew yourself physically and mentally, and turn on your creativity.

d) asking for someone's advice or help. It may give you new ideas and views connected to the topic.

e) playing word associations can help you to consider the topic at a different angle and use your creativity;

f) switching your attention to something else. You may listen to or tell funny stories.  Positive emotions will allow you not to get hung up on the problem and relax your brain, speeding up the process of finding solutions.

g) looking for changes. Try new locations, change the wallpaper on the laptop, just do any routine process in different way.

Tip 2. If you have at least 30 minutes – these tips are for you!

a) change the type of work and the way you perform it. Give your brain a possibility to relax and try to create something with your hands. Furthermore, you may also change the usual way you do things. It will free you from wrong and intrusive thoughts and will provide you with fresh ideas.

 b) go outside or sleep. Having a short walk in the park, going camping or exercising is a good way to breathe fresh air, get the portion of new feelings and clean your thoughts. The alternative way is going to sleep. Sleeping always makes you more creative and easy-going.

Tip 3. You will need much more time to use these tips!

a) the exchange of experience. Going abroad, traveling to another city, meeting with new people will show you the other sides of the world; you will see different points of views, etc. It will make you open-minded and ready for trying and writing something new.

b) catch your inspiration every day. Usually, we have many ideas each day, but we do not put them down and then forget about them. Do not do this mistake! Write down all your thoughts and ideas; you may use them when it is necessary. Of course, sometimes it is hard to find inspiration every day. Thus, the next task is to define the place or the thing, which will stimulate your creative thinking.

c) do not be afraid of mistakes. You should realize that your texts will never be perfect at once, but it does not mean you have to stop writing. Vice versa! Just start to write. Trying will provide you with the way to perfection.


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