How to Fight Depression in College

As a freshmen, you will probably be walking on air seeing your parents drive away from campus. Freedom at last! As the days go by, however, you will find out that college life is not a piece of cake at all. Cold winter evenings will remind you of home comfort, and the first exams will scare you to death. For many freshmen, homesickness, sleepless nights, and stress result in college depression. What makes it even harder is that at first you won’t have that many friends, so you will probably feel very lonely.

If you happen to experience some of the abovementioned symptoms, do not panic! It is common for freshmen to face some difficulties while getting used to the new life. In fact, the statistics show that 50% of college students suffer from some type of a psychological disorder. There’s even some more alarming statistics indicating that “college students and depression” tandem may lead to suicides.  

We hope, however, that you understand it’s normal for freshmen to feel depressed, so no bad thoughts will come to your mind. Still, we decided to make the first year in college a bit easier for you and prepared some easy tricks to help cope with stress. 

  1. Work out. Exercising triggers off the chemical reactions in your body which make you feel happy. The process is absolutely natural. No wonder people who are regularly involved in physical activities appear to be healthier and more positive. Whenever you feel down, just take a walk or ride a bike, or go to a dancing class… It might be the best remedy.
  2.  Don’t lock away. Studying and exam preparation must be hard, but it does not mean you have to dedicate all your time to it. In college, there is life beyond classes. In fact, the network you build during your college years and communication skills you develop may turn out to be more valuable in your future life than the material you learn.
  3. Ask for help. Let us remind you once again: you are not the only person feeling depressed in college. In fact, colleges annually spend lump sums to hire mental health counselors. Do you think they do it just for the sake of it? So, don’t hesitate and visit the counseling center. You might be surprised to see how useful it is to just have a good conversation with a person who is experienced in the matter. All you need is ask for some help.
  4. Have some sleep. Very often, depression stems from an ordinary lack of sleep. It’s no surprise, since your schedule changes, you suddenly have so many things to do, and good time management requires some experience. So, if you are planning to spend this night burning the midnight oil, just change your plans and have a good sleep instead. A sleepless night will give you nothing more than a severe headache, loss of concentration, bad mood, and health problems. 

These pieces of advice are simple, and you might have heard some of them before. Now it’s high time to seriously consider them. There are so many exciting things to do in college… Life is going to be just fascinating, so don’t let depression in!


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