How to Do an Online Research

The invention of the Internet and the computer technologies in general has dramatically changed the world. It has influenced all the spheres of people’s lives; education is no exception. The days when students went to the library to find a proper book to prepare for the exam or to find additional information for the research are gone. Libraries have died out. Online services, instead, have made it easier to conduct a research within a short time.

The Best Online Research Tips for Students

Assess Academic Sources

Sometimes, you may find yourself immersed in the information you don’t need; therefore, when it comes to academic research, you have to evaluate your source critically. Some information may seem citation-worthy, but it also needs a careful examination. One of the best tips for students on how to verify the validity of sources is to check the links. That’s why, you should look for the primary data sources and then cite them in your own research. Here are the questions you should ask yourself while evaluating the online resource:

  • Is education the main purpose of this site?
  • What kind of audience is this site designed for?
  • Is it an up-to-date information?
  • Is the data decently presented?

Manage the Research

If you want to know how to study better, you must learn the difference between the relevant and irrelevant information. Online resources have a huge volume of information, but not all of the data is worth your attention. Use these hints to stay focused on relevant information:

  1. Write a summary of what you have read paying attention to dates, names, and terms.
  2. Make some notes that will help you logically organize the material.
  3. Divide the information in different groups.

Cite Properly

There are several styles of citation. Professors of humanities usually expect their students to stick to the Modern Language Association (MLA) Style. Among the many official manuals, the MLA offers a detailed explanation of proper citation of information sources. The MLA provides specific citation style for books, periodicals, and articles. In order to cite properly, follow the citation rules of the MLA guide.


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