How to Cope with Anxiety in College

Student’s life is full of ups and downs, surprises and challenges which usually lead to the emotional exhaustion accompanied by the tendency to get easily frustrated or anxious.

All the positive impressions from the college life could be thrown into a shadow by the aggravated feeling of concern. However, there are the things you can do in order to deal with anxiety.

The Ways to Overcome Anxiety

1.Think of an outlet. When you have recognized what is the cause of your anxious state of mind, the best way to do is to find a way to let your emotional flow out. It might be a physical activity, such as running, training yoga, climbing a wall, or dancing! These things are good twice as they shape both your brain and your body. For those who prefer creating something, a good way of inner outburst could be writing, drawing, knitting, baking – anything that aims at the result and keeps the brain focused on it.

2.Get a planner. Another way to deal with anxiety is to get organized. When an avalanche of tasks and home assignments seems to be overwhelming and pushes you onto the panic edge, the good way to cope with it is to have everything planned for a week. In such a way you will stay focused and will never forget to do something as it will be noted in your planner.

3.Take care of your diet and sleep. If you can’t avoid an anxiety attack (and quite often it’s impossible for students), then you have to ease it, not exacerbating your physical and mental state. Try to eat the healthy food even if you are out of time, it’s much more beneficial for your body to get something nutritious, such as salad and fruits, a chocolate bar, or a doughnut. Another essential part of decent functioning is to have enough of sleep, which can assist you in staying cheerful and getting less anxious.

4.Rest. This one is simple. Don’t forget to find enough time to rest, forgetting about the things that make your worried. Spend time with your friends, go to the cinema or to an exhibition, travel. Sometimes the only way to deal with the anxiety attacks is to pamper yourself with idling.

All in all, remember that you are not lonely in this and lots of people suffer from anxiety in college. If you are willing to fight it, then simply find a way that will work best for you and enjoy your life!


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