How to Attend Multiple Celebrations and Not Offend Anyone

Holidays are a marvelous period of the year when families gather together and the feast starts. It is the time to meet with those who you love and respect. At the same time, when holidays are coming, it is high time to decide and prioritize where to spend them and who to visit. This is a huge problem for those who come from divorced families. This issue concerns all the married couples as well.

How to solve this problem? What are the possible solutions? 

Step 1: Figuring out the importance of each holiday.

Every family has its special holiday that can’t be replaced with any else. Therefore, when you are married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend it is important to know which holiday is the most significant for each family. In order to avoid stressful situations, you need to be aware of this detail so that you can show face to both families even if this day coincides. Make a habit of visiting each family at this or that celebration. This way, no one will get offended. 
Sometimes it happens that someone is still insulted. So, whenever you feel you have to atone for not being there with someone during the festive time, try to do something nice for this person or give them a long-awaited present. Remember, this doesn’t work all the time. Gifts cannot replace your presence

Step 2: Discuss the question concerning the celebration openly

If you face the problem of deciding which holiday is more meaningful for each family or person, it is better to ask each family’s point of view. Your family loves you and will surely understand you. There are no reasons to lie or make excuses why you can’t come to the celebration. 
Discuss this issue with the members of your family, explain the significance of going somewhere else, and decide which holiday is the one you can’t miss. Another good idea is to switch the holidays and spend time with a different family each year.

Step 3: Become a host yourself and invite anyone you wish

It is usually very hard and complicated to split up families during holidays. Therefore, there is a perfect solution for those who like being a host. Make sure that the relationships between the people you want to see at your house are friendly or at least civil, then go ahead and start inviting guests. Don’t forget to buy food and cook delicious dishes to amaze your loved ones. 
I guess the option when families meet in one house is the best. Even if you are not ready to be a host yourself, you can always ask a host to invite someone. Holidays are all about gathering with the nearest and dearest.

Consider these three steps when planning your next family celebration. Avoid stress and get the most out of the time spent with your folks. Enjoy your holidays! 


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