How a Travel Agency Works: 4 Interesting Facts

More and more people can afford to travel nowadays. However, travel agencies are not as successful as they have been before. Most experts say that this has to do with booking options available online. Here are several interesting facts about how travel agencies work that you might find useful. 

1) Travel agencies first appeared in the 19th century

Back in the eighteen hundred, the agencies did not specialize in cheap travel tips but catered to ladies and gentlemen belonging to the upper class. Mass-market travel was neither popular among lower classes nor affordable. After the end of the Great War, the economic situation began to change and more people wanted to see the world.

2) The first travel agency was established in the United Kingdom

A man by the name of Thomas Cook offered the first package tours to the public. He also had an agreement with Midland Railway that allowed him to open several joint agencies. Other pioneers in the field include the Polytechnic Touring Association and Dean and Dawson. The oldest agency in the United States of America, the Brownell Travel, was established in 1887. Its most popular tour was a trip around Europe that embarked from the New York City.

3) What products does a travel agency offer?

Nowadays, travel agencies are a ubiquitous part of modern life. With their assistance, you can travel to almost any place in the world. Most travel agencies work as personal assistance organizing all travel-related activities, buying tickets, booking accommodations, and the like. Some agencies specialize. They would only deal with commercial travel or book tours for a certain region. You can always browse online first to find something that suits your needs.

4) What kinds of travel agencies are out there?

Depending on the country, travel agencies are differentiated in a number of ways. In the UK, there are Multiples and Independents. A Multiple agency is a chain that most probably belongs to an international company, while independents operate separately. Depending on what kind of experience you want to have, either choice can be a good. Multiples offer cheaper prices and have offices all over the world, while independents cater to people in want of unique experience.

And if you don’t want to spend money on an agency, you can book a holiday through the Internet. Just research travel safety tips first.


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