Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Style

When you hear a speech by an experienced speaker, it affects you in certain ways. You see sense in what they’re saying, agree with them, and stand up to applaud them in the end. However, when you’re trying to retell this speech to your friend, you don’t cause the same reaction. Why? Because you don’t use the right words and phrases that were used by this experienced speaker. What you’re often saying doesn’t matter as much as HOW you’re saying this. To learn the skills of an experienced speaker, you need to improve the style of your writing. Read our tips to do it successfully.

Use fewer adverbs

This advice works not only for novelists but also for the essay, article, and blog writers. Of course, sometimes adverbs are unavoidable and sometimes you need to put them to add more words to your essay. However, they often make your writing more complicated. Better use stronger words (like ‘shouted’ instead of ‘said loudly’) or just omit the adverb whenever it’s not necessary for conveying the meaning of your sentence.

Start with the contrived rhyme

Even this small change can make your poem sound better. If there is a word you’re struggling to rhyme, put it first and then put the good rhyme. Your readers will certainly like your poem much more in this case.

Check your spelling

Today we have many opportunities for improving our spelling since most word processors have very good spellcheckers. You can set an autocorrect in your checker so it can correct the types you often make. Or you can highlight the overused words or other common spelling issues. But don’t do it before you begin to write. Better add your errors to the spellchecker while you’re writing. In this case, you’ll gradually collect all of them. But don’t overuse the spellchecker and, especially, autocorrect! You have to learn the way to write yourself correctly as well.

Be consistent

If you start using a special way to write or abbreviate the word or phrase, do it throughout your writing. Similarly, when you start using a certain term, don’t exchange it for another one. Always remember the importance of consistency.

Write shorter paragraphs

Your paragraph should have a point, its example, and explanation of the both. If you do all of these and your paragraph becomes too long, don’t be afraid of cutting it halfway through your point. Thus, you can make your writing more readable. Of course, don’t overdo with that one. You don’t want to end up having a series of very short paragraphs.

Of course, some writers can go against some (or all) of these points and make their writing great. If you’re one of these writers, keep on doing what you do! Use these guidelines only if you’re still struggling and want to make your writing better.


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