Evident Signs Someone Is Lying

Do you think you are good at spotting a lie? Many researchers prove that our natural skills are good enough to detect dishonesty. Then, why do we so often fail to recognize a liar? Popular behavioral analyst, Dr. Lillian Glass, states that we should know person’s natural behavior to catch him/her on lies. There are also certain signs that will help you to understand when someone is lying.

Reading body language and detecting a liar

Head position

Liars tend to change their head position often. When a person, who was asked a question, makes a sudden move with his/her head, most likely he/she is lying.


The reflexes, especially breathing, frequently betray liars. If you notice, that a person starts to breathe heavily, so that the voice sounds shallow, do not trust any word.

Standing still

When a person is lying, he/she stands unnaturally still. If the person is honest, he/she moves naturally. On the other hand, when the person makes no movement at all, this shows confrontation between his/her words and real feelings.

Repeating words and phrases

When a person repeats phrases several times, he/she is trying to convince both the interlocutor and himself/herself of something. In addition, repetition also helps liars to pull their thoughts together and continue deception.

Too many details

Liars believe that details will make their stories look more plausible. If a person provides too much information when it is not necessary, that may be a sign of trying to deceive.

Covering the mouth

This sign tells that a person is not comfortable and wants to end the conversation. Most often, adults cover their mouths when they do not want to reveal the truth or answer the question.

Shuffling the feet

This body sign reveals that a person is nervous. Also, when the person shuffles the feet, he/she feels uncomfortable and wants to leave.


The liars tend to get angry and hostile to their interlocutors, especially when they feel that their lies are about to be revealed.

Develop a habit of noticing the signs of deception during the conversation and you will learn how to detect a lie.


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