Education Apps for Students

Every student needs some help with the study. Especially, when it becomes overwhelming to scam before an exam or a test. It’s great that most of the help you need can be provided for free with the study apps. Don’t be skeptical and try at least some helpful apps for college students. We have compiled a short list of applications primarily for Apple iOS users. Yet, some apps are available for Android or PC as well.

Here we are:

  1. Dragon Dictation

It’s a perfect app for those tired of typing long boring projects with your fingers. Experience magic simply talking into Dragon Dictation and it will put it into text. Use entire English words to paste into your emails, texts or other apps. Isn’t it marvelous?

  1. Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

Flashcards are perfect to memorize dozens of facts you need to scam for a test. It doesn’t matter, if you need to memorize chemistry formulas, German vocabulary or historical facts, Brainscape – Smart Flashcards, has them all. Create your own flashcards or use sets created by someone else. It’s free if you’re not distracted with the ad.

  1. Flashcards+

Flashcards apps are more than just popular they are helpful. Enjoy one more memorization app that provides a cleaner interface. Moreover, it offers a pronunciation help in multiple languages, deck shuffling feature and more.

  1. Quizlet

One more flashcards tool on our list. It’s here because of the variety of great opportunities it provides for its users. For example, you can add pictures and audio to your cards. Quizlet offers one of the biggest databases for students on dozens of subjects. You can use your decks even in other apps if they support Quizlet.

  1. XMind

Have you ever tried a mind mapping tool? XMind is a perfect desktop only app for taking notes and studying. Its free version is more than enough for students as it combines plenty of features mentioned in the list above. You have to pay just for the storage. At list try this study app for planning.

  1. Evernote

If you need an extended note taking app, Evernote is what you need. It offers bookmarking, composing, clipping and more features which are more than enough for students. You can even create to-do lists in this app. It is available on different platforms and improves its service year after year. You can buy the additional storage space if you want.


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