Dorm Room or Off-Campus Apartment

In most cases, there are two options to choose from when it comes to the accommodation for students. It is important to evaluate living arrangements before starting a year. Here is the comparison of living in a dorm room on campus or living in off campus apartments.­

Making friends

Dorm: If you want to make good friends while in college, you have to get a dorm room!

Apartment: If you have a friend, and you will be going to the same college, try sharing an off-campus apartment. It will make your first year in college a lot easier.

However, a lot of students who decided to live in an apartment regret not living in dorms at least for one year.


Dorm: There’s not a lot of privacy in dorms – you will have to share a room and a bathroom with another student, and studying area is usually crowded, but still it is a great experience!

Apartment: There’s a bit more privacy if you get an apartment with someone. Try to get separate bedrooms so that you can have your personal area.


Dorm: Dorms are convenient when it comes down to the class attendance – there can be no excuse for being late!

Apartment: It might be a little more difficult to get to campus when you live in an apartment. However, if you have a job that is off campus, living in an apartment might be a better choice.


Dorm: There’s no need to cook - you can get three meals a day in the cafeteria.

Apartment: You can eat whatever you want, but you will have to cook it!


Dorm: Dorms usually have on-campus security systems, and students have to follow the curfew.

Apartment: Living in an apartment might not be as safe as living in dorms. You never know who your neighbors may be.


Dorms: Paying for the dorm is very convenient – you pay once up front for the whole year and don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Apartment: Some people believe, that renting an apartment is less expensive that living on campus. However, don’t forget about the car insurance, gas money, parking, etc. Nevertheless, if you find one that is not far away from campus, that could be just perfect for you!

Whichever option you choose, make sure that it is convenient for you! You could try living on campus for some time to see if you like it or not. If not, there is always an opportunity to find an off-campus apartment and live there.


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