Do you feel invisible

It is quite a widespread thought that women after certain age lose their attractiveness and, therefore, become “invisible” to men. Nowadays, our society is obsessed with young beauty, however, the time will come when this society also becomes “invisible.” This article is initially oriented towards the women, though not only they can feel a condition of losing importance as well as charm. Therefore, what can you do in order not to disappear in people’s eyes?

Believe In Yourself

It is high time you began saying to yourself “I am confident!” You have to realize and remember forever, that you are uniquely amazing; that there is no other you in this world.

Be Yourself

Wherever you are, whatever you do, always remember to remain yourself. Nobody is worth your changing. It will be so mean, firstly to yourself, if you try to pretend to be someone else.

Use Your Natural Beauty

The most valuable thing you own is your appearance. It is a great sin when you do not preserve it. You do not need to change your beauty into something else that is trendy at the certain point. It is a horrible waste. There is no need to change your appearance for the sake of trends.

Do Not Impose The Things You Hate

Popularity is a good thing to own, however, the consequences can be disastrous. Leading wrong lifestyle just because it is trendy is a sheer waste of time. You should remember, under no circumstances, should you do things that you do not like doing. You would better not waste your life and take up something you really enjoy.

Choose A Company Wisely

If you feel like not in your cup of tea in the group of close people, perhaps those people are not as close as you might have thought. Get rid of that company and find your tribe. You will not feel like odd one out if there are people around you, with whom you share something in common.

Be Determined

If you are not strong enough in a group of assertive people, you will look like a sheep among wolves. Here is the time where you need to be determined. Do not jumble assertiveness and aggression – that is not what you need.

Highlight Your Strong Points

You used to focus on the weaknesses, when you become “invisible” to the society. Instead, you have to find the point you are good at and emphasize them. Decide what you can teach other people and share your experience. Not only will it boost your self-confidence, but will also build your identity in the eyes of others.

Appreciate The Ones Who Love You

This time you have to concentrate on the thing you already own – someone’s love towards you. There are moments, when you feel weak and vulnerable. Here, it is important to remember about close people who appreciate you and care about you as an identity. Sometimes you do not understand and do not even notice people around you who may appear to be much more than you have thought.


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