College Survival Guide

Being a student is both exciting and challenging. It is exciting in terms of having fun, meeting new people, making new friends, going out and enjoying yourself, while it is challenging in terms of exams, assignments, deadlines, and grades. What should you do when you have busy days? How can you manage to do everything during the exam week? What are the ways of dealing with stress? The following college guide has some essential study tips that will be useful and helpful for you in the future. Let’s start.

Have a Big Breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast full of needed elements and vitamins is undoubtedly necessary for anyone. It gives you the energy to start a new day. A good, nutritious breakfast helps you to make smart decisions during the day as well. Besides, breakfast calories do an important morning job. They kick-start all your body giving it a right amount of proteins. So, don’t forget to consume a sufficient amount of calories every morning.

Music is Your Friend

If you can’t imagine your life without music as I do, it is cool to have breaks during your hard day and listen to your favorite songs or some new ones. Allow yourself to enjoy this moment and get refreshed. It will surely give you motivation and you will have a pleasant rest.

Follow Dress Code 

As you have probably noticed, busy people usually wear office style clothes. I guess the main reason is becoming more self-disciplined. Wearing casual clothes or pajamas doesn’t bring you out of your comfort zone and you tend to procrastinate. So, when you are dressed a bit nicer than you would normally be, in the blink of an eye, you become more focused.

Avoid Looming Deadlines 

Since you are smart enough, make a habit of planning your week ahead. This gives you a chance to be prepared to the tests and have your assignments done on time. Don’t leave hard or time-consuming tasks till the night before the day you need to pass them. Avoid this type of stressful situations.

Hunger is Your Enemy

Even if you have a busy day, don’t forget to have a good lunch and dinner. This is absolutely essential not just for your body but also for your brain in order to easily receive new information and gain new valuable knowledge.

Say “No” to Social Networks

When you have busy days, it is very easy to succumb to any alluring distraction. Here go your favorite social networks. My advice is to try to use them as little as possible. Otherwise, you can end up with a handful of deadlines and unfinished work that won’t get themselves done. Follow these simple tricks and get the most out of your time whenever you are having busy days at college.


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