College Life: Things to Experience

There are things to experience only as a college student. They bear that unforgettable scent of a student life. If you haven’t tried them yet, extend your bucket list right now!

Crazy tips for student memories:

  1. Spend all night talking to someone at the campus or at the dorm.
  2. Start cooking late dinner or early breakfast at midnight with your mates.
  3. Go for an unplanned trip with your friends. (Don’t count those several hours of discussion for planning.)
  4. Find an educational issue you’d love to scrutinize. You’re in college after all.
  5. Stay for holidays with friends at least once. Learn how to cook traditional meals and invent your own holiday traditions.
  6. Try beer pong, cups, and other crazy games just for the memories.
  7. Have a crush on somebody who doesn’t fit you.
  8. Enjoy the beauty of your campus. Lie on the grass, have a bonfire or ride a quad at least once.
  9. Build a friendship with one of your professors. Such friendship bears warmth in the days when college seems to be a cold unfriendly place.
  10. Figure out what defines you as a person except for your major and amount of beer you can drink.
  11. Pursue something new. Try your forces in cheerleading, yoga, music or painting. If it’s not yours, cross it off the list and keep trying something else.
  12. Go to the party (or two), which you will remember for the rest of your life.
  13. Accept the fact that friendship doesn’t last forever. You don’t have to fight with friends to lose them. Time simply sets you apart. Yet, it was a good friendship.
  14. Don’t hide from the rain and go outside to play with your friends.
  15. Try a blind date with your friends.
  16. Dance on the table or on the bar.
  17. Change your style. For example, dye your hair with some crazy color.
  18. Learn how to do the assignment in time even if there is so much fun around.
  19. Get a part-time job in your field. Doing so, you’d at least know what to expect from the future career.
  20. Travel. Even if you don’t have money because later you won’t have time.

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