Coffee Addiction

Many people consider a term addiction terrifying, but if you do not imagine your morning without a cup of aromatic coffee, it is very likely that you have a caffeine addiction. Therefore, reducing the consumption of coffee or any other caffeinated beverages will improve your health and cut expenses. Moreover, if you are willing to have children in the nearest future, it is better to diminish caffeine dependence for approximately nine months. Drinking coffee too much may have side effects. Instead of feeling cheerful, you will suffer from fatigue. Therefore, if you decide to live without caffeinated beverages, following tips may help you start a coffee-free way of life.

  • Cold Turkey is the toughest method, which indicates that you are supposed to give up drinking coffee without any helpful tools. You used to consume a pound of coffee on a regular basis. Forget! Remember that, at first, you will be irritable since giving up the harmful habit has its consequences. Additionally, you will be a little exhausted, annoyed, and unhappy because your organism refuses to accept the changes. 
  • Slow Pace consists in the gradual reduction of coffee consumption. Once you have got used to 16 ounces, try to lower the amount to 10, and then to eight ounces. Furthermore, you will remain active and confident. Additionally, do not replace coffee with other beverages like soda, which does not have any beneficial effects in contrast to the bottled tea.
  • Decaffeinated Coffee. This method involves mind deception. Once you have started to drink decaf, try to persuade yourself that is an ordinary coffee. If you repeat to yourself that coffee contains caffeine every day, you will start to believe in it. Concentrate on something completely different. However, in case you shop with your roommates, inform them about your coffee self-deceit. It will be fair.
  • Much Water. Drinking considerable amounts of water will lead to the replacement of coffee. Flavored and lemon water will make you feel cheerful. You will not even notice that you stopped drinking caffeinated beverages. Furthermore, water improves your health condition by cleaning out harmful substances, preventing headaches, and toning up your muscles. 
  • Start Exercising. Sports activity will assist you in forgetting about coffee. According to Gregory Ferenstein, doing exercises during 30 seconds gives the same amount of energy as drinking a cup of coffee. Furthermore, it is better to involve in 30-second-fitness than spend time standing in line. 
  • Focus on Food. We drink coffee in order to become more energetic and productive. Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder offers eating grains, colorful vegetables, and nuts. Instead of having a cup of coffee in a stressful situation, have a snack.
  • The Record of Beverages will help be aware how much coffee you consume daily. If you drink coffee three or more times a day, you have to realize the negative influence on your quality of sleep. 

If you drink coffee too much, consider these methods and try to cure coffee addiction.


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