Become a Great Writer with Tips from Stephen King

Have you ever wanted to know how greatest writers think? If you have, there is a chance to learn that! Stephen King, one of the most famous and successful contemporary writers, is happy to tell you how you can become as good as he is.

He wrote a book On Writing to help other writers succeed. Needless to say, this book has become a best-seller. Every time you read it, you find something new. You learn to write not for money or fame, but for fun. You find inspiration to write anything you need.

Write a great essay with the help from Stephen King

Among other important writing tips, in his book On Writing, Stephen King tells how the writer can capture the joy of this incredible craft. The above book may be recommended not only to the authors who just start their career, but also to students who are to write various essays in college. Anyone who needs to put one's thoughts into words on paper will value the recommendations given in King’s book. Here are some of the most importance pieces of advice from On Writing:

  • Know the topics you can write on and write about something only when you learn all the necessary details.
  • When writing, remember about your target audience and make sure that you will interest them with your text.
  • Take your writing seriously. If you don’t, no one else will.
  • Never stop making discoveries in your topic. Keep on exploring it all the time. Do it remotely by reading about it or watching movies, or do it personally, for example, by visiting a place you’re writing about.
  • Develop your creativity by reading what others write.
  • Cultivate the discipline.

Writing and becoming successful are all about hard work. There is no other way to become competent. However, it doesn’t take to be a genius. You can use a simple vocabulary and imperfect grammar. But if you have good ideas and know how to communicate them, people will like them. So, keep on working and one day you will discover you have become a great writer!


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