7 Unorthodox Courses You Can Take in the UK

Many people nowadays complain about how disappointingly worthless their degrees are. While it is true that the job market in Britain is oversaturated with economists and PR specialists, many young people question whether university education is worth the heavy investment it requires. We’ve decided to look at the most unusual professions British education has to offer.

Brewing and distilling (Heriot-Watt University)

It seems more like something you can take a weekend class on instead of dedicating four years of your life to. However, beer is expensive and good beer is even more so. Making your own brews will not only make you popular at parties, but can also provide you with a reasonable livelihood. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Surf science and technology (Cornwall College)

Sadly, you will not be taught the art of surfing during this course. It has more to do with the science of the process and involves quite a bit of engineering and math. Still, you’ll get to see sexy surfers on their boards a lot, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The Beatles, popular music and society (Liverpool Hope University)

Liverpudlians are pretty proud of their city being the home of Beatles, so it’s no surprise Hope is offering a course like that. While it might seem like an easy A, the course requires more than memorizing the lyrics of “Yellow Submarine.” One of the modules, for example, has to do with economics, locality, and their influence on Merseyside.

Sexual health BSc (University of Central Lancashire)

Most people explore their sexuality when they get to college, so why not provide them with accurate current information on sexual health? Obviously, the course offers much more than a casual advice on safe sex and might be actually useful for future social workers and nurses.

Yacht operations (South Devon College)

If this course is the way most of us want to imagine, it must involve the most amazing field trips. It’s probably a bit too much to hope for instructions on how to consume caviar and champagne correctly. Personally, I’d like to learn how to accumulate enough spare cash for a yacht.

Baking technology management (London Southbank University)

This course is seemingly designed for those who want to take on Mary Berry during the Great British Bake Off. The graduates of this course are a blessing for all of us who love delicious scones.

Puppetry, design and performance (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)

There’ve been many great puppet shows over the years from Avenue Q to the recent Yonderland. Why not join a great tradition? This, however, is not a good choice for those suffering from automatonophobia.

Other great courses that might strike your fancy are Viking Studies, Ethical Hacking, and even Contemporary Circus. The point is whatever you’ve dreamed of as a kid or teenager is now possible. All you need to do is be persistent enough and outargue your parents.


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