5 Tips on How to Withstand Busy College Days

OMG, last two weeks were crazy! I have just passed all the finals, which made me feel like running a marathon. College students know that exam session is a tough period. The days run longer and only tons of coffee prevent you from falling asleep during the tests. Today I am going to share my own methods that may help college students to withstand the challenging period of exams without exposing themselves to enormous stress.

Be prepared

If tomorrow is going to be the busiest day in a week, prepare for it today. Avoid catching up with the material in the morning, because this only makes the day, which is already hectic, even tougher. I use the time before the important day to make sure I have prepared well, completed all the homework and packed my bag by the time I go to bed. It is also advisable to cook food in advance, so you could have lunch in class.

Take care of yourself

When you have an endless and stressful day, it is beneficial to reward yourself with a small present. For example, you may go for quick shopping after classes or buy a cup of tasty coffee in your favorite café. Treat yourself well by eating healthy and having enough sleep before an important day and your body will certainly run at full speed.

Establish reasonable goals

It is easy to survive tough college days if you set justified goals. When you are surrounded by complete chaos, your goals help you to focus on the things that are important at the moment. Make sure your goals are reachable and do everything possible to implement them into life. For example, if I plan to read 50 pages of material in 3 days to prepare to the exam, I also think of a small reward for myself such as going out with my friends on weekends.

Go outside

Having a stressful day often makes your brain drained out. When you have several classes in a row, your body lacks fresh air. So, take a break and go out. Enjoy sunshine and fresh air. This way you will give your brain a boost and stimulate it to work more effectively.

Bamboo Duo and Bamboo Slate

There are helpful tools that will get you through busy college days. For example, using Bamboo Slate you can take handwritten notes and edit them with the help of Bamboo Duo. These tools will replace heavy notebooks you have to bring to each class. Still, you can make handwritten notes to remember information better.

Exam periods are very exhausting. Use these tips for going through busy days and make your college life less stressful.


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