5 Steps to Conquer Procrastination

If you need to put in a considerable effort before you start doing any scheduled task, you are a procrastinator. Yes! And stop denying that! You may provide the work of high quality, but you always have troubles meeting deadlines or starting doing the work on time. It can be a rather stressful and frustrating experience in your life. Getting rid of this habit might be really challenging, so this post will provide you with some tips on how to stop procrastinating:

  1. Buy a planner and make it useful for you. Write down all your tasks for each day and do not forget to indicate their deadlines. When looking into your planner, you will get a complete picture of the set tasks for the whole week. Thus, you will organize and properly schedule your time and become more productive.
  2. Learn how to prioritize. When writing down your plans for the next day, week or month, decide for yourself which of the tasks need to be done straight away. Without a doubt, some of them may be more important than others, therefore, learn how to prioritize in order not to turn your life into a complete mess.
  3. Forget about your gadgets while working. Very often, social media and modern appliances are the main obstacles on your way to improving self discipline. You may get easily distracted by a new message, a new photo tag or simply a video with some cute kitten or doggie.
  4. Provide your own comfortable place for working. You may think that complete silence and the lack of distraction is everything you need for a perfect working environment. However, you are deeply mistaken! Apart from that, you should create your cozy working zone, where you will keep all the necessary things at hand and feel comfortable. Pay attention that working at the desk is crucial: it will increase productivity. If you live on campus and it is problematic to find a calm place, try studying in the library or a lounge area.
  5. Organize your working place. Once you have found your comfortable place for working, try to supply it with everything necessary: books, pens, pencils, a laptop, etc. Besides, do not forget about some snacks, tea or coffee as mental activities are tiring. What you should not take with you is your phone as it will only distract you.

Hopefully, my tips will be valuable to you in your college life as work organization is as essential as the process of fulfilling it. Remember that you can apply these tips not only when studying but also in your working life. Good luck and do not procrastinate!



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