5 Best UK Universities

University of Oxford

It is hard to underestimate the stellar reputation that Oxford enjoys. Yearly, it attracts roughly twenty thousand undergraduates out of which a mere one sixth is selected. The postgraduate application process is even more competitive. After being enrolled, students are expected to join a college. Some have a preference, while others just expect Oxford to pick one of the 44 establishments for them. Students’ social lives will mostly be spent there, as well as the academic ones of undergrads. Scholars also never lack resources as the famous Bodleian libraries are brilliant, only the British Library are considered better.

University of Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge have a long history of competing, be it in terms of famous graduates or most decorated professors. Mathematics is especially celebrated. Additionally, the university is the alma mater of 92 Nobel Prize laureates.

Only a quarter of all applicants get accepted, and a half of the rejected ones receive straight As for their school exams. Further, Cambridge is lauded for its supervisions – tutorials where only two or three students receive undivided attention from their instructors. Terms are quite short, however, students are expected to complete numerous complicated assignments and cover a lot of material.

Imperial College London

This college was actually established only in 1907. Three different London colleges were merged to give a start to this world famous institution. The college is often praised for its programs in technology, medicine, and science. If you are interested in diversity in your place of study, this might be a good choice as people of more than 125 nationalities are currently enrolled.

Being one of the top tier universities, Imperial College London has several Nobel prizewinners and famous scientists among its alumni. Furthermore, some of Britain’s most influential policymakers were graduates of this august institution.

University College London

This university is the true beacon of social progress, being the first in England to accept students of every race, creed, and class. Inspired by the beliefs of its founder Jeremy Bentham, it was also the first one to educate women. Famous alumni include Mahatma Gandhi, Chris Martin, and Alexander Graham Bell.

UCL is highly selective. Its most popular program is in economics, politics, and philosophy with 30 candidates for each place. All potential undergrads need to have all As. Otherwise, their applications will not be considered.

London School of Economics and Political Science

70 percent of LSE are non-British citizens, which creates a unique learning environment. University’s strengths include economics, politics, and international law. 26% of Nobel prize winners in the field of economics have been connected to this educational establishment. Many prominent figures, including George Soros and Nelson Mandela, gave lectures at LSE.

The selectiveness of this university is legendary. In 2014, more than 17,000 applications were received by the college, which offered only 1,500 undergraduate places that year. Moreover, the acceptance rate for postgraduate courses is just over 6%.


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