12 Amazing College Facts You Were Not Aware Of

It doesn’t matter whether you are a college student already or you only prepare to apply to college. There are still so many interesting facts about college that you may not know. Read the following list and enrich your knowledge about college life.

  1. The price of college textbooks is now 812% higher than it was 30 years ago.
  2. There are more females than males studying in American colleges all over the country (approximately 60% and 40% accordingly), except Utah.
  3. A is the most frequently given grade in Harvard College. The average mark of all Harvard students is A-.
  4. Patrick Ewing, the NBA famous basketball player, often faced racism when he took part in basketball games in college. Once, he was hit by an orange during the game, which caused the opposing team’s coach to take the microphone and menace to end the game if the fans continue to mock Ewing.
  5. According to the research conducted in 2011, California spends more of its budget money on prisoners than colleges.
  6. The gas is the most expensive in Norway, although the country has its own oil reserves. By establishing high prices on oil, the government compensates the price of education, which is free in the country.
  7. A college student, Dave MacPherson, was the first person who visited Disneyland. Unfortunately, he did not try any attraction because he hurried back to college. On the other hand, Dave got a lifelong free ticket to Disneyland as compensation.
  8. US football teams own 14 out of 25 the largest stadiums in the world.
  9. A high school graduate raised $29,000 needed for his college education in 1987. His unique idea was to publish the article in a local newspaper asking the readers to send him a penny to help paying the college tuition.
  10. In 1980, triplets separated at birth found each other. Two of them happened to study at one college and the third one found his twin brothers by reading about them in a newspaper.
  11. Deep Springs College that is situated in a remote place in California allows its students to cut on tuition expenses by working 20 hours per week as “cowboys”, butchers and cooks.
  12. Undergraduate students at a small college in Oregon run the nuclear reactor that is owned by their college. It is surprising to know that there are more female operators working at the station than at any other nuclear reactor in the world.

Now you can see that college students’ lives may become a part of the history. Leave your own footprint in the history of your college and hurry to share it with us!


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