Affiliate Program

Customers of are given a unique opportunity to earn money simply by referring their friends. In fact, we give each customer 10% from every order the people they refer place. In addition, each new customer who comes to us through our referral program will benefit from a discount when they use our service for the first time.

It is quite easy to join our affiliate program and start earning. The first thing you need to do is have an established account on our company website. When you first place an order, this account is created and the customer is provided with an exclusive discount code and an affiliate link, which they can use to introduce people they know to our company. This code or link can be passed on by any one of a number of convenient channels e.g. it can be emailed to acquaintances, shared with friends via a social networking platform, etc. Then, when any of your friends use one of the referral options received from you, our system will register their interest and remember that the referral came from you.

Once the link is followed by an individual you shared it with, or if they enter the code, they will be taken to the order processing page on our website. Their new customer discount will immediately be applied and this is how the people you refer automatically get a discounted rate from the first time they avail of our services.     

Each time someone you refer to us pays for their order and that order gets completed, we share a part of the cost of the order with you – a sum equal to 10%. The money a customer earns from referrals may be used to pay for any order(s) they may want to place at a future date.

So, in conclusion, the only thing you have to do to earn money as an affiliate is to share a code or link with any acquaintances or friends you think would benefit from being introduced to Once people place orders as a result of your referrals, we give you a percentage of the order’s cost and they get their first order at a discounted rate. You and your friends cannot possibly lose!

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