5 Paragraph Essay

Begin your 5 paragraph essay with a comprehensive introduction. It must also include a strong and compelling thesis statement. You introductory passage should introduce the reader to the topic of your paper and justify its importance. Imagine that you are developing a brief 5 paragraph essay outline and you want to make it understandable to the reader.

First body paragraph

So, how to write a 5 paragraph essay? Once you are done with the introduction, you can start writing the body of your work. In the first body paragraph, present your most credible and powerful argument. The topic sentence must communicate the main idea of the paragraph. However, it should also be linked to the last sentence of the introduction. It is not that difficult, if you know how to do it. By the time you are ready to close the first paragraph, include a transitional sentence to get the reader ready for the second paragraph.

Second body paragraph

Looking at the basic 5 paragraph essay template, you will notice that the second body paragraph always includes another argument supporting the thesis statement. It is quite strong but not as much as the argument presented in the first body paragraph. Like the first paragraph, the second one should be related to the thesis statement. Its topic sentence should also include a 'reverse hook', which links it to the last sentence of the first body paragraph. Make sure that you include enough evidence and facts to support your point. In the last sentence of the paragraph, prepare your readers to read the third paragraph of your 5 paragraph essay.

Third body paragraph

The third body paragraph of all 5 paragraph essays always includes the weakest or the least relevant argument. However, it should still be related to the topic and thesis statement. Again, the first topic sentence must communicate the main idea of the paragraph. At the same time, it should be reversely connected to the previous body paragraph. Relate everything you write in the third paragraph to the thesis statement. Unlike the first two body paragraphs, the third one lays the ground for developing a conclusion, which follows it. So, the last sentence of the third body paragraph in your 5 paragraph essay will be transitional, linking the whole body to the conclusion.


The conclusion of your 5-Paragraph essay should present a summary of the main points illustrated in the three body paragraphs. You must restate the thesis statement and revisit the three topics you have highlighted in the body of your paper. Check the relevance of the facts and evidence you have included to support your position. Edit and proofread your paper before you submit it for grading.

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