22 August, 2017
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Start of School or How to Adjust After Holidays

Summer holidays are already far behind, and it’s time to face a new school year. Getting back to school activities isn’t the easiest task to accomplish. However, if you have everything organized and planned, you won’t have any difficulties during the first days at school. Here you will find all the necessary information on how to prepare and feel ready to school. 
The following tips will come in handy for those who find it difficult to adjust after summer holidays. School bell rings, and it’s time to set alarm clocks. For the majority, it sounds horrible. So, we will help you overcome this hard period.

1. Start preparing beforehand. It is so hard to adjust when the school starts. Therefore, it is recommended to reintroduce a school year schedule during the last two weeks of summer. It mostly concerns bedtime. Waking up earlier and earlier each day will help you when you are back at school. Besides, adjusting gradually doesn’t affect health. 

2. Create a calendar. You know that the best way to remember things is to write them down. Make a plan, schedule, or a calendar of things to be done so that you don’t miss any. What works even better is placing this calendar in a public place. Believe it or not, it is the most effective way to calm school year chaos.

3. Shop for school in summer. Create a wardrobe needs’ list for your children. Before going shopping, discuss the needs list with the consideration of budget with your kids so that no in-the-store tantrums occur. Similarly, develop the list for school supplies. In order to save the family budget, it is better to ask the school for this list. 

4. Take control of morning madness. Are you tired of crazy and chaotic mornings? Plan them ahead so that your mornings become calm and cheerful ones. Do the following a night before: 

  • set the breakfast table; 
  • lay out children’s clothes; 
  • make sure backpacks and sports bags are packed; 
  • etc.

5. Develop household systems. The tempo of family life definitely quickens with a new school year. Do not devote the whole day for cleaning. Divide it into several days during the week. Create a menu plan, and you won’t waste time in the kitchen by wondering "What's for dinner?"

Use these ideas to get organized for the forthcoming school year. Be prepared for the busy days ahead. 

22 August, 2017
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