7 July, 2017
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Smart Money Saving Tips for Your Summer Vacation

The key to an amazing summer vacation is a proper preparation. The best time to start planning is winter. Use these long dark nights to figure out what kind of fun you want and how you will pay for it. It’s not a secret that any trip or party costs money. Here are some tips how to save money for your unforgettable summer vacation.

5 ways to save money for summer vacation

  1. Don’t spare time on a research

Being aware of all options and the range of your possibilities will define your vacation. To do that you need to find out what amount of money you can afford. Then you’ll understand what kind of vacation you may choose. Look for different dates, destinations, transport and accommodations to suit each piece into your budget plan. Compare different offers and rates to find your option. To do that, use various traveling websites.

  1. Get discounts

If you are planning to travel more than once, use these summer vacation tips. Hotels, gas stations, airlines, cafes, restaurants, spa resorts provide different customer loyalty discounts and programs. Once you get a membership, you can get discounts, collect points and use all benefits of traveling worldwide.

  1. Useful info about cards’ discounts and rewards

Do you know there are various programs for credit cards that allow saving money while spending it. Sounds complicated, so ask your bank representative to explain it to you. However, remember this golden rule: ignore the rewards program if you have even a small debt on your credit card.

  1. Sign up monthly newsletters

Such emails can provide you with the information about recent offers and discounts and lead you to fewer expenses on your summer vacation. For example, regular updates of hotel newsletters may contain money – saving tips as well as tricks.

  1. Don’t focus on hotels

Renting accommodation is at least twice cheaper than booking a hotel room. You’ll have more space, a kitchen (cutting expenses on restaurants), free WI-FI (most likely) and so on. Besides, a lot of rentals provide one or two entertainments, so you don’t have to go out every time.

Start preparing earlier and make you vacation rock!

7 July, 2017
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