21 July, 2017
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How to Spend Time with Yourself in Summer

Who says summer is only about lying on the beach with a refreshing cocktail? Student life is full of chaos, work, study, meetings and social events. And it is no wonder that so often you simply forget to take time for yourself in this busy routine throughout your academic year. It’s time to slow down a bit and take some rest, you’ve deserved it! Look through the following ideas to get to know how to spend quality time with yourself this summer. It’s time to do something for yourself, something to appreciate being in your own company.

How to spend summer:

1. Read a book in a cozy café

Find a nice coffee shop or pop in the new one, to which you’ve never been earlier, and just enjoy reading in a cozy place with aromatic cup of coffee.

2. Enjoy a picnic in the park being unplugged

What could be better then a great place with a wonderful view, a picnic basket full of your favorite treats and your phone, which is off? Forget about the screen at least for a while, enjoy the nature and focus on the beauty in front of you.

3. Get a new summer wardrobe

I know it may sound a bit ridiculous, but still, why not? Go shopping and just enjoy the process being on your own. You are a big cheese now, don’t be shy to buy anything you’ve ever wanted, but haven’t yet. No one is going to tell you which store to go and how many outfits to buy.

4. Try something new

It may be a new hobby or just a class of painting, whatever you like, you don’t have to wait your friend to be interested in it and go with you, try it yourself!

5. Cook a dinner for yourself

Enjoy your evening making a special dinner for yourself, something you really want, a homemade meal in your sweatpants.

To spend quality time in summer is a really important thing to do; this me-time does matters, believe me, spend it the way you want. Don’t forget to do everything that makes YOU happy!

21 July, 2017
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