1 September, 2017
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How to Return to School after Long Summer Holidays

Every student usually experiences some stages of going back to college after a summer break. None of them wants to do it, but they learn to accept and be excited about it. Here are the stages of returning to school through which most students go:

Stage 1: Happy to go home

Once summer hits, students are ready to leave the campus to enjoy their time off. When they begin to pack up their dorm rooms, a distinct and wholly unexpected longing for home come up.

Stage 2: Paradise phase

As soon as students embark on their summer vacations, they feel as though they have reached the paradise. They enjoy their free time going to the beach and watching interesting TV shows on Netflix every evening.

Stage 3: Boredom hits

Most young people think that summer will never be dull. They perceive summer as a resource of daily joy, happiness and pleasure. Nevertheless, some of them sometimes yearn to return to campus where they are free once again from their parents’ rule.

Stage 4: School season begins

At the brink of the last summer month, students have just started feeling comfortable at home. They get used to their summer routine, and want to stay there for the rest of the life.

Stage 5: Books, bills, and back to school

At this stage, students remember the thought of returning to school, as there are tangible evidences that their summer vacation is over. It is the time for them to save money for college, buy necessary books and stationary.

Stage 6: Time for packing a suitcase

Now, it is the moment to pack suitcases. Very soon, students will come back to their dorms. Most of them are ready for a new academic year and are glad to meet their college mates again.

We hope you will successfully complete all these stages this summer and will have a great school year ahead!

1 September, 2017
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