27 September, 2017
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How to Prepare For Autumn

Autumn comes always unexpectedly. You’ve just been laying in the sun eating ice-cream and suddenly all that chaos and cold weather wakes you up. Autumn is the season of back-to-school, cooler weather, first colds, and pumpkins. Don’t forget that among other autumn activities the holidays are coming soon. How to go through this passage between lazy summer and busy autumn? Everything including your health, your house, your car and your wallet requires more attention. You’ll need some hacks to prepare for this hectic season.

Health tips for fall:

  • Consider doing a flu shot this fall. It cheaper and safer than getting flu. Besides, you never have time to be sick.
  • Buy small packages of tissues and put them into every bag, backpack or office drawer. You don’t want a running nose to catch you at unawares.
  • Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are not only cheap in fall but they contain vitamins to boost your immunity.

House tips for fall:

  • If you are back to school or your children are, that means you have less time for cooking. Take 10 minutes to plan your weekly meals and to make a shopping list. Grocery trip once a week saves you loads of time.
  • Clean the house after the lazy hot summer. The more germs, the more chances to get sick.

Car tips for fall:

  • That funky smell in your car after all wet towels and long trips should be removed. If you’re not satisfied with the smell even after an interior cleaning place a couple of scented candles into the cup holders.
  • Take the clutter out the trunk. It won’t only decrease your gas mileage but provides you with the space for a holiday shopping.

Wallet tips for fall:

  • To save money before holidays use cash instead of your credit card. Moreover, go to the bank and get crisp bills. It is proven that people spend less with brand new bills than with old worn ones.
  • Use Christmas club accounts. They can be an incredible approach to pay for the occasions. Of course, loan costs and terms fluctuate from bank to bank, but you’ll find what suits your needs.

Holiday tips for fall:

  • Arm with gift cards for unexpected occasions. They will save you from not buying a present for someone. Besides, you can find cute card-holders to present your gift.
  • If you are hosting a dinner, go for a large roast. You will save cooking time and it’s a simple and delicious way to feed a lot of people. Prepare a dessert in advance and put it in the fridge or ask guests to take care of it.

May your autumn be simple and pleasant!

27 September, 2017
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