28 December, 2016
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How to Maintain Long-Distance College Relations

If you are passionately dedicated to your relationships, it is of utmost importance to put considerable efforts to save them even if your beloved and you go to different colleges. Undoubtedly, keeping long-distance relations is a challenging task because you start a new life in college, but there is an efficient strategy developed by the experts that can help you.

  1. Set Reasonable Rules. As Jen Kirsch, a relationship columnist, states, before leaving for college, you have to share your views concerning your expectations for the relations. You have to decide on the time and opportunities to visit each other. Furthermore, in case your beloved has a roommate, think whether your visits can cause any inconveniences.  
  2. Develop A Visiting Schedule. It is healthy to meet each other once or twice a month. If your meetings become too frequent, you have chances to deprive yourself of social life in college. So, attempt to devote time both to your beloved and your new friends.
  3. Make Schoolwork A Priority. If you are willing to visit your partner on a peculiar date and you obtain a big task difficult to handle, you have to inform your partner. To avoid misunderstandings and quarrels, talk to your beloved as sooner as possible.
  4. Share Your College Experience. You have to make your partner feel like a part of your college life, which will contribute to strengthening your bonds. It is a brilliant idea to send him/her photos of your new way of life, including pics of your college roommate or campus. Additionally, you may go on a date via Skype so that you feel closer to each other.
  5. Remain Honest. A women’s mental health expert, Catherine Birndorf, claims that honesty is an essential part of your relations because there is a person you strongly love and whom you do not want to hurt. By hurting, Birndorf means holding on when it is time to let go. Being honest is not necessarily about kisses with another person but more about the rise of feeling to another individual.
  6. Do Not Over-Share. You have to be reasonable while telling the truth to your partner. Be thoughtful of your candor.
  7. Stay Calm And Sensible. It is a half-baked idea to assume that due to the distance, everything has changed. You kick off thinking that your partner cheats on you, but the only thing you require is to communicate with your beloved about the things that disturb you.
  8. Do Not Overdo Public Displays Of Feeling On Social Websites. Undoubtedly, you miss your significant other, but it is not a reason to post constantly about this on his/her page. It may seem that you are too possessive.
  9. Think Before Texting. If you text or call your partner too frequently, attempt to define the reason for it. Be aware why you are getting in touch.
  10. Manage Your Expectations. First of all, be honest with yourself. College is a high time to understand if this is your true love.
28 December, 2016
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