30 August, 2017
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How to Deal with Overwhelm In College

Planning multiple things for one single day may be very overwhelming and frustrating for any college student. I decided to share with you the most useful tips on how to deal with this problem, so that you can easily manage your college life.

Tips for dealing with overwhelm:

#1 – remember that you’re not the only one

Anyone, who ever was in college, experienced the same difficulties. You’re not the only student who is overwhelmed by thousands of things. If others manage, why can’t you? Difficulties will even make you stronger.

#2 – keep a track of what is going on around you

Unfortunately, journalism is an underestimated, but surprisingly productive method! Try to write down what is happening around you throughout the day. This procedure will help you to overcome difficulties and you feel more relaxed and concentrated on more important stuff.

#3 – move!

Keep moving around your campus or do some exercises at the gym to get rid of negative thoughts. Even a routine walk to or from your college may bring pretty impressive positive results.

#4- be close to nature

This advice is connected with the previous one. Make your trip longer than usual and watch the beautiful nature around. I like watching sunsets and looking at trees when it is windy. The feeling of relaxation, which I get doing these simple things, can’t be described with words.

#5 – smile!

Even if you are in bad mood, smiling can help you! It’s one of the best ways of how to manage stress.

#6 – do not forget about yourself

When life goers fast, you should slow down and provide some time for yourself. Find a hobby, which makes you happy and engage in it. For instance, when I get tired, I often buy some chips and watch Netflix all night.

#7 – remind yourself about your awesomeness

I read this in Katie Dalebout’s book ‘Let it Out’. You may put reminders with inspiring phrases or encouraging statements on your cellphone.

You can also put some notes in your apartment, which will cheer you up when you see them. You can also put them between the pages of a book you’re reading.

I think that at least some ideas from this list may be useful for you. Don’t let your college be an overwhelming experience, keep everything organized and live your best years happily.

30 August, 2017
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