5 October, 2016
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How to Become Friends with Your College Roommate

Many of us grew up having brothers and sisters. For those who are the only child in family, sharing a dorm room with somebody can become a really complicated mission. Learn how not to start a war while living with a roommate, get to now from our useful tips.  

1. Arrange the rules properly. You both know what is annoying for you, so try avoiding that. There are people who dislike talking to anyone before having a morning shower, or those who like waking up with the first sun rays. No doubt, you can’t get rid of some habits at once, but talking about such small things will be useful. Who knows, maybe you’ll share each other’s habits later?  

2. Try to talk about some problems at the moment they appear. Maybe you find quite annoying eating near PC, or leaving stuff all over the room. Then address you roommate to avoid a great conflict in future and do your best to solve that kind of problem together. 

3. Remember about permissions. Sure that you don’t like when some of your clothes or things are taken somewhere. They can be lost or spoilt. That’s why always ask before taking roommate’s stuff. Researches say that this problem causes most of conflicts between roommates. 

4. Try to think over taking friends to your room. Let it be not too often. Of course you or roommate can be a fan of noisy company of friends while wasting time or studying. But one of you can find it annoying. That’s why you have to decide, when and how often you may gather friends in your dorm room to avoid somebody’s getting offended.    

5. Work on safety. Try to lock your doors and windows. You may leave the room for just a few minutes, but how will you explain your roommate the fact that his mobile was stolen? I bet that would be rather unpleasant talk. That’s why think beforehand and keep privacy on the necessary level.  

6. Have your own life. There are equal chances for you to become friends of not. That’s why you should communicate, but each person has to have own private life, where no one is able to bother you.   

7. Open yourself. Never hide to your own shell while seeing people who differ from you or have other habits. Open your minds and yourself to trying something new and getting some useful life experience. I’m sure that’s the thing you were expecting while moving to college.   

8. If nothing helps, use the basic rule for any interaction: treat everyone the same way you want to be treated. Show respect and being ready to dialogue and even the worst person in the world will change to someone whom you can share one room.

Never stop trying and make your college life exciting, full of memorable moments and get great experience from the simplest events.   

5 October, 2016
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