31 July, 2017
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How to Be Productive in Summer

Find yourself daydreaming about the beach with a refreshing drink, boats, yachts, and Hawaiian T-shirts instead of being focused on your work? Keep checking a clock every 5 minutes, your Facebook page or the state of the weather?  Don’t bother; it’s called summer slowdown – a condition which steals your work motivation and productivity.

What could be done to beat this summer slowdown and is it real at all? 

How to keep your motivation

An early bird
The early bird gets the worm, do you remember that? Nothing new for sure, but this is a really important factor, I’d say the most important one. So for your good, try to get up even earlier than you used to. Because of the heat in summer, it’s much better to start your working routine as early as possible. 

To-do lists 
Make them even if you don’t use them at all, using daily to-do list really helps you to be organized and motivated. Believe me, the temptation to check your page on Facebook will disappear when you have the to-do list that needs to be done. One more really motivating factor here is that ‘ticking done items’ that brings a huge pleasure for every single ‘done item’ you’ve managed to do! To ensure the best effectiveness ever just keep your list in front of you. 

Change your schedule
Productive summer means your way of spending summer time is effective. Do your best to be efficient in every possible area you can be, it goes not only about business. Why not give yourself some sunny time if you really need and want it? Change your schedule to take the afternoons off, and just work in the evenings and mornings instead. When the weather is nice, treat yourself with something nice, no matter what it will be. 

Find inspiration
To find motivation sometimes may seem troublesome, especially in summer slowdown. But I do believe that there are always something inspiring and motivating in every detail or thing, you just have to notice it. Where to find an inspiration depends only on you. There is a huge number of written articles on how to beat a slow summer season. 

To beat summer slowdown being productive and motivated is real for sure, you just need to work at it a little harder, that’s all. Make your summer productive no matter how much efforts it will take!

31 July, 2017
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