30 June, 2017
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Freelance Work: How To Find The Best

Nowadays, the profession of a writer is really significant in the society. The majority of the world now lives online and requires the constant flow of news that the freelance authors can easily provide. Moreover, it is not difficult to find a place for working, as there are plenty of platforms, where the tasks are placed on a regular basis.

If you are a young writer, who is thirsty for work, before jumping into the random platform, you still have to know a few important things:

  1. Be sure, you resume is flawless enough to impress the employee. Clean up your social media accounts so that nothing could prevent you from getting the position.

  2. Make your search query versatile. Googling simply for a “writer” job will give you much less results than “blogger”, “copywriter” or “social media writer”.

  3. You are there only to earn money. Do not give any personal information and sign nothing that may influence your life.

The Best Places to Find a Good Job


That is one of the most popular services for looking for a job in writing sphere. If you set up the e-mail notification, you will soon receive up to 50 offers, concerning your writing skills.


This nonprofit service has a bunch of offers for both full-time positions and freelance earnings. Also, you can give volunteer services if your heart is so kind.


The platform deals mostly with the books, but it can also offer you a range of job opportunities with “must read” material. Both freelance and full-time offers are available.


Majorly focused on developing and designing positions, this platform has still plenty of offers for copywriters.


If you are not against working with small companies or with a startup project, try subscribing for this platform. Using its services, you will definitely get no-delay payments and reliable clients.


One of the best job-searching platforms for getting the freelance writing position. Set your account, enable the notifications and receive the offers from the top employers.


Here, you will definitely get the real feedback of working for a certain company as all the comments here are anonymous. Find out the best offers, the places with the highest salary and get your desired position.

This business does not like shy people. Take your destiny into your own hands: send e-mails, ask question and simply do not be afraid to introduce who you really are.

30 June, 2017
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