28 December, 2016
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5 Sneaky Holiday Spending Traps to Avoid This Year

Holiday Spending Traps to Stay Away from This Year

You have so many things to do to prepare for Christmas: decorate the house, cook tasty dinner, wrap up presents, and go shopping for so many times. For many of us, holiday shopping is inevitable. Although there are huge sales and alluring offers from the retailers, you know that you are going to spend much. Today, we will explain how to avoid making unnecessary purchases and not to get into spending traps during holidays.

Trap #1: Having no shopping strategy

It is a retail suicide to enter the holiday season without having a strict shopping plan. Blind spending is really profitable for businesses because they count on your desire to satisfy everyone with your gifts and leave the store as soon as possible. So, it is necessary to create a shopping list, visit different stores, compare the prices, and never exceed the limit.

Trap #2: Spending money under pressure

Retailers may also get profits from people shopping under pressure, either self-imposed or based on expectations of others. Sellers know you would better avoid crowds and shop as fast as possible. That is why the stores are decorated with sale displays that are easily noticed. Attracting people’s attention, sale displays are intended to allure shoppers to buy stuff that is not necessarily on sale. That is why it is so important to compare prices in different stores before making the final choice.

Trap #3: Buying extended warranties

Consumer-grade appliances and different electronics are also in the lists of holiday shopping. Moreover, the retailers entice you to buy extended warranties for the devices. In fact, these items may not need fixing up during the warranty period or already include the extended warranty.

Trap #4: Purchasing Christmas supplies long before the holiday

Delay your holiday shopping until the week leading up to Christmas. Many stores have sales during this period and you will be able to save much. If you need to buy stuff that you will certainly need next year, do it right after Christmas.

Trap#5: Buying trendy or premium stuff

You have probably planned to buy many gifts that flood holiday advertisements, such as brand-new Kindle, a popular Disney movie, or the newest gaming console. On the other hand, if you buy these presents after their novelty wears off, you will save a lot of money.

Pay attention to these spending traps when shopping for holidays and guard your money wisely. Avoid wasting your funds and you will not regret a single penny spent during holidays.

28 December, 2016
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